Season 1 (1961-62)
Two Blind Mice
Light Up the Sky
Ten Little Indians
Inherit the Wind
Sabrina Fair

Season 2 (1962-63)
Born Yesterday
Summer and Smoke

Season 3 (1963-64)
The Gazebo
Bus Stop
My Three Angels

Season 4 (1964-65)
Dirty Work at the Crossroads
Web of Murder

Season 5 (1965-66)
Mary, Mary
Deadwood Dick
Toys in the Attic

Season 6 (1966-67)
Sunday in New York
Touch of the Poet
For Her Child’s Sake
Pinocchio (Youth Theatre)

Season 7 (1967-68)
Under the Yum Yum Tree
The Late Christopher Bean

Season 8 (1968-69)
Barefoot in the Park
Any Wednesday
Snow White and Red Rose (Youth Theatre)

Season 9 (1969-70)
Pure as the Driven Snow
The Fantasticks
Blithe Spirit

Season 10 (1970-71)
You Know I Can’t Hear You When the Water’s Running
Dirty Work at the Crossroads
The Odd Couple

Season 11 (1971-72)
Never Too Late
Plaza Suite
A Fate Worse than Death

Season 12 (1972-73)
Forty Carats
Last of the Red Hot Lovers

Season 13 (1973-74)
Butterflies Are Free
A Thousand Clowns

Season 14 (1974-75)
Curse of an Aching Heart
Prisoner of Second Avenue
Shot in the Dark

Season 15 (1975-76)
No Sex Please, We’re British
Everybody Loves Opal
No Mother to Guide Her

Season 16 (1976-77)
Norman, Is That You?
Marriage Go Round
Wait Until Dark
The Sunshine Boys

Season 17 (1977-78)
Night Watch
Me and Thee
Exit the Body
Ten Nights in a Bar Room

Season 18 (1978-79)
See How They Run
The Man Who Came To Dinner

Season 19 (1979-80)
Cat and the Canary
Veronica’s Room
Absurd Person Singular
Two By Two

Season 20 (1980-81)
No Sex Please, We’re British
Two Blind Mice
Bus Stop
Deadwood Dick
Treasure Island (Youth Theatre)

Season 21 (1981-82)
Lizzie Borden
Blithe Spirit
Two by Two
Same Time Next Year
McBeth Did It
Cleanest Town in the West (Youth Theatre)

Season 22 (1982-83)
Romantic Comedy
Good-Bye Charlie
Catch Me If You Can
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Youth Theatre)

Season 23 (1983-84)
Dark Deeds at Swan’s Place
Gingerbread Lady
Don’t Step On My Footprints
Chapter Two
Tumbleweeds (Youth Theatre)

Season 24 (1984-85)
Haunting of Hill House
Finishing Touches
The Burning Man

Season 25 (1985-86)
Three One Act Comedies
Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean
Bullshot Crummond
Wizard of Oz (Youth Theatre)

Season 26 (1986-87)
Bullshot Crummond (Reprise)
A Murder Is Announced
The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon
The Gin Game
Saving Grace

Season 27 (1987-88)
Saving Grace (Reprise)
The Murder Room
Arms and the Man
Guilty Conscience
Move Over Mrs. Markham

Season 28 (1988-89)
God’s Favorite
All My Sons
Murder at the Howard Johnson’s
Something to Hide

Season 29  (1989-90)
Man Enough
Bullshot Crummond (Reprise), at Mott H.S.
Sherlock’s Last Case
The Hollow
The Goodbye People

Season 30 (1990-91)
Don’t Drink the Water
Wait Until Dark
Walk in the Woods
Steel Magnolias
Brighton Beach Memoirs

Season 31 (1991-92)
The Foreigner
I Never Sang For My Father
Play On!
I’ll Be Back Before Midnight
Klondike Kalamity
Steel Magnolias (Reprise)
You Can’t Take It With You (Youth Theatre)

Season 32 (1992-93)
The Orphans
It Had To Be You (Special Production)
When You Comin’ Back, Red Ryder?
Play It Again, Sam
The Speed of Darkness
The Tomorrow Box
Dark Deeds at Swan’s Place (Youth Theatre)

Season 33 (1993-94)
The Sunshine Boys
Veronica’s Room
Relatively Speaking
Road to Mecca
Secret Affairs of Mildred Wilde

Season 34 (1994-95)
Return Engagements
Smoke and Mirrors
How the Other Half Loves
Love Letters (Special Production)
Go Back for Murder

Season 35 (1995-96)
A Murder Has Been Arranged
The Cemetery Club
Wrong Turn at Lungfish
Shirley Valentine (Special Production)
On Golden Pond
Dark Rituals
The Great Ghost Chase (Youth Theatre)

Season 36  (1996-97)
P.S. Your Cat Is Dead
Educating Rita (Special Production)
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
David’s Mother
Wagon Wheels West  (Youth Theatre)

Season 37 (1997-98)
Cat’s Cradle
Twelve Angry Men
Aspirins and Elephants
Memories in Blue Chiffon (Special Production)
An Act of Imagination
Hurricane Smith (Youth Theatre)

Season 38  (1998-99)
Death Trap
Bullshot Crummond
The Importance of Being Earnest
Mixed Doubles (Special Production)
Death and the Maiden
Little Shop of Horrors
Kilroy Was Here (Youth Theatre)

Season 39 (1999-2000)
Murder By The Book
Close Ties
Weekend Comedy
Jack and the Beanstalk 
(Once Upon Puppet)
A Case of Libel
A Bad Year for Tomatoes
Mass Appeal (Special Production)
Flapper (Youth Theatre)

Season 40 (2000-01)
Bus Stop
The Man Who Came to Dinner
Move Over Mrs. Markham
I’ll Be Back Before Midnight
Ten Nights in a Bar Room
Gin Game (Special Production)
Coconut Capers (Youth Theatre)

Season 41 (2001-02)
The Subject Was Roses
‘Night Mother
Breaking Legs
Other People’s Money
Night Watch
Lucky Stiff
Shakespeare’s People (Special Production)
Friday Knight Fever (Youth Theatre)

Season 42 (2002-03)
Visiting Mr. Green
Last of the Red Hot Lovers
My Three Angels
Love Letters (Special Production)
Run For Your Wife
Cover of Life
Wonderland  (Youth Theatre)

Season 43 (2003-04)
Grace and Glorie
Home Games
Light Sensitive
Social Security
The Absence of a Cello
Men in Suits / Any Friend of Percy D’Angelino Is A Friend of Mine (Special Production)
Lagooned (Youth Theatre)

Season 44 (2004-05)
The Housekeeper
The Mysterious Mr. Love
The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wilde
Dick Whittington and His Cat (Once Upon a Puppet)
Lost in Yonkers
Bat Boy The Musical
Any Friend of Percy D’Angelino Is A Friend of Mine (Special Production)
Tumbleweeds (Youth Theatre)

Season 45 (2005-06)
Don’t Dress for Dinner
Defying Gravity
Little Red (Once Upon a Puppet)
Broken Glass
Actor’s Nightmare / The Whole Shebang
Park Your Car in Harvard Yard (Special Production)
The Nifty Fifties (Youth Theatre)

Season 46 (2006-07)
Red Hot Mamas
Enchanted April
A Merry Christmas Caper (Once Upon a Puppet)
A Talent for Murder
Seven Rabbits on a Pole
The Last of Jane Austen
Like Mother, Like Hell (Special Production)
Romeo and Harriet (Youth Theatre)

Season 47  (2007-08)
Snake in the Grass
Bright Ideas
Halloween Hullabaloo at High Jinks Hall 
 (Once Upon A Puppet)
Taking Sides
God’s Favorite
A Dance Lesson
Absurd Person Singular
Eleemosynary (Special Production)
Royal Bachelor (Youth Theatre)

Season 48 (2008-09)
An Inspector Calls
A Merry Christmas Caper (Once Upon A Puppet)
Don’t Mention My Name
Dick Whittington and His Cat (Once Upon A Puppet)
Columbo (Prescription Murder)
Picasso at the Lapin Agile
Shirley Valentine (Special Production)
Kilroy Was Here (Youth Theatre)

Season 49 (2009-10)
Blood Money
Halloween Hullabaloo at High Jinks Hall  (Once Upon A Puppet)
The Women of Lockerbie
Chinese Folk Tales (Once Upon A Puppet)
Fuddy Meers
The Melville Boys
Little Red (Once Upon a Puppet)
Almost, Maine
Downward Dog (Special Production)
Lucky Hudson (Youth Theatre)

Season 50 (2010-11)
Halloween Hullabaloo at High Jinks Hall (Once Upon A Puppet)
A Nice Family Gathering
Rounding Third
The Decorator
Anansi and the Box of Stories (Once Upon A Puppet)
A Streetcar Named Desire
Night at the Wax Museum (Youth Theatre)

Season 51 (2011-12)
Tom Foolery
Wrong for Each Other
Rabbit Hole
A Merry Christmas Caper (Once Upon A Puppet)
Drinking Alone
At the Sign of the Crippled Harlequin
Jock and the Beanstalk (Once Upon A Puppet)
Moon Over Buffalo
Bedside Manor (Youth Theatre)

Season 52 (2012-13)
Murder by Misadventure
Halloween Hullabaloo  at High Jinks Hall (Once Upon a Puppet)
Not Waving
California Suite
Dick Whittington and His Cat (Once Upon a Puppet)
The Hallelujah Girls
Business With Friends (Special Production)
Squad Room Blues (Youth Theatre)

Season 53 (2013-14)
Southern Comfort
Halloween Hullabaloo at High Jinks Hall (Once Upon a Puppet)
I Hate Hamlet
Sunset Park
Digby Digs Deep (Once Upon a Puppet)
The Attempted Murder of Peggy Sweetwater
One Cat Away From 61 (Special Production)
Alice@Wonderland (Youth Theatre)

Season 54 (2014-15)
Dead Certain
Mrs. Mannerly
Halloween Hullabaloo at High Jinks Hall 
 (Once Upon a Puppet)
Fool for Love
Sally and Marsha
A Few Good Men
Princess and the Pea (Once Upon a Puppet)
The Kitchen Witches
Shakespeare’s Will (Special Production)
The Big Bad Musical (Youth Theatre)

Season 55 (2015-16)
The Sea Horse
Halloween Hullabaloo at High Jinks Hall  (Once Upon a Puppet)
The Smell of the Kill
The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery
Little Red (Once Upon a Puppet)
Hamlet II (Better than the Original)
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)(revised) (Special Production)
Music Man, Jr. (Youth Theatre)

Season 56 (2016-17)
Lend Me a Tenor
Farragut North
A Rough Night at the North Pole (CHS Drama Club)
Consider the Oyster
House on the Cliff
Self Help
Driving Miss Daisy (Special Production)
Murder at Crooked House (Youth Theatre)

Season 57 (2017-18)
The Underpants
Here on the Flight Path
Morning’s At Seven
A Seussified Christmas Carol (CHS Drama Club)
Escanaba In Love
Swan Song
Leading Ladies
Two one acts Odyssey and Performer (Special Production)
Gone With the Breeze (Youth Theatre)

Season 58 (2018-19)
Dixie Swim Club
The Elves and the Shoemaker (CHS Drama Club)
Something to Hide
Out of Order
Grounded (Special Production)