CVP holds Open Auditions for our productions, meaning they are open to anyone 18 yrs and older. No experience is required! CVP accepts both novice and experienced actors, and we provide a fun, casual and non-judgmental atmosphere. CVP is a non-equity community theatre that thrives on volunteers from the local community. CVP membership ($35/year) is required for everyone in a production.


Auditions consist of readings from selected scenes, called “cuts” or “sides”; scripts/sides will be provided at the audition. Actors may attend one or both nights of auditions. Contact the director if you need to schedule an alternate audition time/date.


Auditions are held at The Depot Theatre, 4861 White Lake Rd., Clarkston MI 48346

Upcoming Auditions

Office Hours

by Norm Foster (comedy)

Staged by arrangement with Pam Winter, GGA 


Performance Dates: (2024) January 11, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27

Contact: Director – Kathy Booker (248) 709-9478, Producer – Sara Sanger (586) 822-6255


Audition Dates: November 12 & 13 at 6:30 pm at The Depot Theatre, 4861 White Lake Rd., Clarkston


Synopsis:  It’s a Friday afternoon in the big city and, in six different offices, six different stories are unfolding at the same time. However, they are all connected somehow, from the figure skater on the ledge, to the novelist in the closet in a madcap race towards quitting time. The play consists of six vignettes that are strangely intertwined.


Cast of Characters:

(Roles for 5 men, 3 women) – The show is a series of vignettes, so actors may play more than one role. Ages are for reference but not mandatory.

Warren Kimble – (40-50) TV news reporter trying to keep his job after his new boss decides she has no use for reporters his age. Has an opening monologue.

Pam Gerard – (20-30) TV news producer who has been promoted through nepotism. She is determined to bring “youth” to the newsroom.

One-armed Man – (any age) Mistakes Warren for the producer of the TV station and comes to ‘take him out’.

Gordon Blaine – (30-60) A flashy and pompous Canadian film director.

Francine Majors – (30-60) A Canadian film producer, Gordon’s partner. Much more reserved and levelheaded than Gordon, she is loyal to him until pushed too far.

Bobby Holland – (20-40) A once famous, now ‘has been’ American film director who is a bit overzealous about his new movie ideas.

Mark Young – (30-50) Literary agent caught being unfaithful to his wife. Needs good comedic timing.

Ellie Young – (30-50) Mark’s betrayed wife. Needs good comedic timing.

Richard Penny – (25-35) Lawyer who finally admits to his parents that he leads an alternative lifestyle.

Rhonda Penny – (45-65) Richard’s overbearing mother.

Lloyd Penny – (45-65) Rhonda’s husband who follows her lead. Presents an obtuse personality, but in the end we find he knows more about romance than he’s let on.

Stan Thurber – (any) Racetrack owner who has to fire one of his jockeys because of his size, thus dissolving a family promise.

Artie Barnes – (any) 200 lb jockey who is in denial about his size and its effect on his career.

Sharon Freeman – (30-70) Psychiatrist who is preoccupied with her own romance problems. Actress must be flexible with emotions.

“The Man” – (25-65) A daily-planner salesman who inadvertently poses as a patient in Dr. Freeman’s office. Ends up doping some window-sill counseling.

Neil Penny – (any) The figure skater brother of Richard, and son of Rhonda and Lloyd, who becomes a patient in Dr. Freeman’s office. Actor is never seen on stage, only heard.