CVP holds Open Auditions for our productions, meaning they are open to anyone 18 yrs and older. No experience is required! CVP accepts both novice and experienced actors, and we provide a fun, casual and non-judgmental atmosphere. CVP is a non-equity community theatre that thrives on volunteers from the local community. CVP membership ($35/year) is required for everyone in a production.

Auditions consist of readings from selected scenes, called “cuts” or “sides”; scripts/sides will be provided at the audition. Actors may attend one or both nights of auditions. Contact the director for an audition form, a copy of the script, or if you need to schedule an alternate audition time/date.

Auditions are held at The Depot Theatre, 4861 White Lake Rd., Clarkston MI 48346

Upcoming Auditions

An Evening of Original 10 Min. and 1-Act Plays


Thursday, February 9, 2023 at 6:30pm

2023 Performance: April 15

Roles available for 13 Women & 12 Men

Actors may be cast in multiple roles if desired

Directed by Joe Mishler, Karen McClellan, Jim Pike, & Sara Sanger

10 Minute Plays:

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words by Udi Kapen (2 men, ages 20-40)  –  2 adult brothers discover an incriminating photograph when going through their deceased father’s memorabilia.

She’s a What? by Al Bartlett (1 man, 2 women, ages 20-30+) – A father’s reaction to his newborn baby girl.

Memory Lane by Jeffrey M. Shuster (1 man, 2 women, late 30’s-mid 40’s) – A chance encounter of two former high school sweethearts at the mall.

Phone-Zheimer’s by Jim Pike (2 women, 1 man ages 50-70) – A retired history professor who recently moved out of the city commiserates with a waitress at the local diner.

One Act Plays:

Beverly Hills by Richard Johnson (2 men, 2 women, ages 40+, waiter, age 20+) – A husband and wife from Michigan sit next to a local couple on their first visit to Beverly Hills who regale them with tales of movie stars.

Surviving Bianca by Jackie Sue Salter (1 man, age 40+; 1 woman, age 40+; 1 woman, age 20-40) – The manager of Akron Opera Co. struggles with the demands of an international diva.

Lee and Mary by Richard Johnson (1 man, age late 30’s; 1 man, age 40+; 1 woman, age 30-40) – A conversation between Lee Iacocca and his wife about his designs for the 1965 Mustang.

The Final Frontier by Udi Kapen (1 man, age 40+; 2 women, ages 30-40) – An avid Star Trek fan is forced to choose between his wife and her plans vs a Star Trek convention.