CVP holds Open Auditions for our productions, meaning they are open to anyone 18 yrs and older. No experience is required! CVP accepts both novice and experienced actors, and we provide a fun, casual and non-judgmental atmosphere. CVP is a non-equity community theatre that thrives on volunteers from the local community. CVP membership ($35/year) is required for everyone in a production.

Auditions consist of readings from selected scenes, called “cuts” or “sides”; scripts/sides will be provided at the audition. Actors may attend one or both nights of auditions. Contact the director for an audition form, a copy of the script, or if you need to schedule an alternate audition time/date.

COVID Protocols: Because the health and safety of our members is our first priority, CVP has adopted a temporary policy requiring all volunteers, cast and crew to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or able to provide a doctor’s note if there is a medical reason you cannot be vaccinated.

Auditions are held at The Depot Theatre, 4861 White Lake Rd., Clarkston MI 48348

Upcoming Auditions

Death Trap 

by Ira Levin

Director: Verne Vackaro   Producer: Mel Case


Auditions will be held:

Sunday January 10, 2022, at 6 PM 
Monday January 11, 2022,  at 7 PM


2022 Performance Dates: March 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, 26



Comfortably ensconced in his charming Connecticut home. Sidney Bruhl, a successful playwright is struggling to overcome a string of failures and a shortage of  funds. When he receives a script from one of his college seminar students, he immediately recognizes its potential as a Broadway smash thriller. On the advice of his wife he decides to offer his expertise and collaborate with the young author. But collaboration soon leads to more sinister ideas.



Sidney Bruhl, a successful playwright of murder mysteries.  He is quick witted, self-confident, dominant yet affable, living off his wife’s wealth. The actor’s challenge is to walk a fine line between his desire for respectability and his strong attraction to money and the life style it can bring 
Myra Bruhl, Sidney’s loving, compliant, self-effacing wife is somewhat reticent but obviously adores him. This actor too, must find a way to convey Myra’s love for Sidney and her basic honesty.
Clifford Anderson, a student who attended Sidney’s writing seminar. He is young, handsome, and although awed by Sidney, he is self-assured, ambitious, and no fool. Clifford is gay but in awe of Sidney and his desire for the same success, pulls him toward harmless deception.   
Helga ten Dorp,  a large stocky Teutonic woman, a well-known psychic, she is a brash, dominating woman who must fill the stage with her presence. She is not a modest woman, and also evidences a desire for fame.
Porter Milgrim, Sydney’s lawyer is a man of substance, both in appearance and demeanor. An affable man, he is charming and deceptively acute, but he too yearns for something more than anonymity.
Note: Ages are somewhat flexible.  Except for Clifford, who is younger than Sydney, all of the characters are mature, established adults, but their actual ages are not etched in stone.