A Celebration of Original 10 Min. and One-Act Plays

2024 Public Performances:

May 31 @ 7:30 pm, June 1 @ 2:00 pm & 7:30 pm


10 Min. Plays
(in Alphabetical Order)

Black Mountain by Richard Johnson – Malcom, a straight-laced business professional and Zooey, a bohemian artist have just ended their relationship after a fight about Zooey’s art career, but love wins in the end.


Boo! by Jeffrey Shuster – Is it just a bad dream brought on by a case of indigestion or has Violet Jablonski really come back from beyond the grave to haunt her husband Leonard? 


Imagine That by Jeffrey Shuster – Two elderly eccentric women let their imaginations get the better of them when they meet a young single woman at the park. 


Miss Molly’s Bench by Jennifer Ward – Molly has taken ownership of a public bench and charges a nominal fee to regulars who relax comfortably while waiting for their bus. When a new customer balks at paying for the privilege to sit, she gives him a lesson on entrepreneurship and life. 


Stamp Act by Myron Stein – It’s been a rough day for a dental hygienist and a simple trip to the post office only complicates matters. 


Taste Is Relative by Marilyn Krol/Zerlack – A family celebrating Thanksgiving dinner and realizing that Grandma Iris is there too, and not just in spirit. 


The Wedding Ring by John Kosik – On the bank of the Seine River in Paris, a Parisian hospital nurse sees an older man pacing the river bank and they connect over the story of a wedding ring. 


Unsinkable by Tony Targan – A Good Samaritan with an ulterior motive rescues an actress who is about to fall overboard a ferry boat in New York harbor. 


Writer’s Vice (or The Muse’s Gift) by Erin Osgood – Desperately trying to overcome writer’s block, Sal conjures his Muse as inspiration. Muse has her own motivations. Can inspiration come in the unlikeliest of places? 


One Act

The Night Nurse by Udi Kapen – A terminally ill man is helped by his night nurse to take care of unresolved issues.