An Evening of Original 10 Min. and One-Act Plays

2023 Performances:

Saturday, April 15 @ 7:30 PM 

Sunday, April 16 @ 2:00 PM 

10 Minute Plays:

Memory Lane by Jeffrey M. Shuster, directed by Karen McClellan – A chance encounter of two former high school sweethearts at the mall.

She’s a What? by Al Bartlett, directed by Charles Craves – A first-time father’s reaction to his newborn baby girl. 

Phone-Zheimer’s by Jim Pike, directed by Karen McClellan – A retired history professor who recently moved out of the city commiserates with a waitress at the local diner.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words by Udi Kapen, directed by Karen McClellan –  Two adult brothers discover an incriminating photograph when going through their deceased father’s memorabilia.

One Act Plays:

Beverly Hills by Richard Johnson, directed by Sara Sanger – A husband and wife from Michigan sit next to a local couple on their first visit to Beverly Hills who regale them with tales of movie stars.

Surviving Bianca by Jackie Sue Salter, directed by Sara Sanger – The manager of Akron Opera Co. struggles with the demands of an international diva.

Lee and Mary by Richard Johnson, directed by Joe Mishler – A conversation between Lee Iacocca and his wife about his designs for a new iconic sports car.

The Final Frontier by Udi Kapen, directed by Jim Pike – An avid Star Trek fan is forced to choose between his wife and her plans vs a Star Trek convention.


Diana Brang-Scott

Clare Bochy

Kathy Booker

Eric Easterday

Jean Garringer

Greg Gonyea

Sean Harbert

Kristine Kayl

Emily Mick

Sean Mueller

Sylvester Nadar

Courtney Parkinson

Jim Pike

Lilija Shugar